The route was chosen to go from Palatine, IL to our cottage in Northern Wisconsin. The plan was for my wife to drive up and I would take the "scenic route" around and meet her there.  I had ridden the Road King from Palatine to the cottage once before, but that time was a straight shot, which is about 280 miles.

Starting time was scheduled for 4:30AM.  I ended up leaving the garage at 4:45, and getting the gas receipt for 4:50.   I need to thank my (very understanding) wife for getting up at 4:30 to sign my witness form and take this picture.

Starting odometer was:


 I was immediately thankful for the electric jacket and electric grips I got about two weeks ago.  As I headed out into the country side before sunrise it felt like the temperatures were in the upper 40's.  

Although there was bridge construction around Janesville, there was no delay. An easy drive later I arrived at Portage, WI for the first gas stop.  150 miles done.

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