From Bemidji, I headed east on US 2. First stop, Duluth, MN in 140 miles.
Shortly after Duluth, it was back into Wisconsin again. Being familiar with Northern Wisconsin and now knowing that I would be getting to my ending point no sooner than 1 AM (about 2 hours late), I became very concerned about finding gas stations open when and where I would need them.  I knew that my final stretch would be into the Michigan UP and through areas where there are no large towns. So, I decided that if I had anywhere near 70 miles since a fill, and I came to an open gas station I would stop.  It would make the trip longer, but I did not want to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere on a moonless night in the north woods.  Of course I again found more stations that did not print location or did not time stamp receipts, making the gas stops take even longer.
As you can see it is now dark as I entered the Upper Peninsula. I was now just looking forward to getting to the end.  Then the big surprise,  the final 40 mile section of US 2 that I needed was closed! (Yes I did check road construction with AAA, but I somehow missed this one.) The posted detour would have taken me about 40 miles north (in the wrong direction), so I pulled out the map and decided to make my own detour south on small county roads.   I am not sure now if that was such a smart idea, and going the extra 40 miles may have actually been faster.  The roads I ended up on were narrow, winding things going through deep forest.  The small towns along the way were closed up for the night. Not a soul in sight. Thankfully no deer either.

At my last gas stop before the end in Eagle River all I had available at nearly midnight were stations with automatic credit card pumps, but no attendant. So of course the one I stop at does not print the city.  So, I go down the street to another one and put in $0.10.  That pump prints city and date but no time.  I hope that my explanation of the circumstances will be acceptable for documentation.

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